The DeYoung Pink Diamond,
2.86 Carat Pink Diamond
The DeYoung Red Diamond,
5.03 Carat Deep Red Diamond

The Smithsonian and DeYoung

      “The company has a long history of donation and a special relationship with the Smithsonian Institute.” 

– Monica McLaughlin, for JCK Magazine

The Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals

The Smithsonian Institution, located in Washington, D.C., is the world’s largest museum and research complex. Inside the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History is the Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals, which houses one of the world’s largest gem and mineral collections. This permanent collection consists of many rare gems and historical jewels, including two beautiful natural color diamonds which were donated by S. Sydney DeYoung.

DeYoung’s Contribution

In 1962, Sydney DeYoung donated a bright pink pear shape diamond, weighing 2.90 carats, which originated from the Williamson mine in Tanzania. After his death, Sydney bequeathed an extremely rare red-hued diamond weighing 5.03 carats, one of the rarest and largest red diamonds in the world. In addition to these contributions, DeYoung has helped advise the Smithsonian in it’s quest to acquire other special gems.